About District

The district is situated 32° 17′ to 32° 55′ North Latitude and 75° 70′ to 76° 16′ East longitude. The District is surrounded by Punjab in the South-East, Himachal Pradesh in North-East, Doda and Udhampur in North and North-West, Jammu in the West and Pakistan in the South-West with an area of 2651 Sq Kms, population of 6.15 Lacs, 5 Assembly Constituencies & 11 Tehsils; Kathua, Bani, Basohli, Billawar, Hiranagar, Nagri, Marheen, Dinga Amb, Lohai-Malhar, Mahanpur, Ramkote.

It is also divided into 19 blocks:Bani, Basohli, Baggan, Kathua, Billawar, Hiranagar, Nagri, Barnoti, Marheen, Dinga Amb, Duggain, Duggan, Lohai-Malhar Mahanpur, Mandli, Nagrota Gujroo, Bhoond, Dhar Mahanpur, Keerian Kandyal, & has approximately 512 villages.

The traditional language of Kathua is Dogri. The Pahari languages are prevalent in the mountainous area of the east. The principal media of education are English, Hindi, and Urdu.