The areas falling in Kathua district experiences wide range of climate from sub-tropical to temperate area and even alpine in higher regions of Bani and Lohai-Malhar blocks. Because of altitudinal varities, there is vast difference between the temperature of two plain thesils of Kathua and Hiranagar with those of Hilly Tehsils of Basohli and Billawar. The Summer temperature rises as high as 48 degree Celcius in the plains and Winter temperature in the upper hilly areas touches sub-zero. Most of the Higher areas in the BASOHLI AND BILLAWAR Tehsils experiences SNOWFALLS for most part of the year. The District experiences rainfall during Winter and early Summer primarily from western disturbances and monsoon rains from second week of July onwards. The hilly areas receives more rains than the plains. The annual rainfall in the district is approx. 1672 mm.