Kathua District is situated at 320 17′ to 320 55′ North Latitude and 750 70′ to 760 16′ East longitude. The District is surrounded by Punjab in the South-East, Himachal Pradesh in North-East, District Doda and Udhampur in North and North-West, Jammu in the West and Pakistan in the South-West. It has an area of 2651 Sq Kms. The district can be conveniently divided into three distinct Agro-climatic regions. The area falling South of Pathankot-Jammu-Srinagar National Highway consists of deep alluvial soils. The area is mostly irrigated and quite productive. This area touches Pakistan and Punjab border and it is also popularly called Border Area. The second zone falling north of the National Highway extends upto foothills of Himalayas and falling mostly in Shivalik ranges is called Kandi area. It is characterized by shallow soils full of boulders with negligible natural water resources. The area faces acute shortage of water and the productivity of the land is very marginal. Part of Kathua, Barnoti, Hiranagar, Ghagwal, Basohli and Billawar block falls in this category. The third area falls beyond Shivalik ranges and extends upto to Peer Panchal ranges. This area is mountainous in nature with little potential for agriculture