Though there is no detailed and fully documented history of Kathua district. It is believed that One Jodh Singh a famous Rajput of Andotra clan migrated from HASTINAPUR to KATHUA nearly 2000 years ago and settled here. The three Hamlets of Taraf Tajwal, Taraf Manjali and Taraf Bhajwal were established by his three sons Viz. Teju, Kindal and Bhaju. Their descendent are now called as Tajwalia, Bhajwalia and Khanwalia Rajputs of Andotra sub-caste. The conglomeration of these three hamlets was loosely called “KATHAI” in earlier times which with the passage of time came to be called as KATHUA.

GRREK historians, who provide an insight into the ancient history of JAMMU HILLS prominently record the existence of two powerful empires of Abhisara (Present day POONCH) and KATHAIOI at the time of invasion of India by ALEXANDER, Strabo describes KATHAIOI as a mighty republic of that era located in the foot hills along river RAVI. The topography of KATHAIOI corresponds with the present day KATHUA. Starbo describes the people of the republic as epitone of bravery and courage and records that they gave a tough fight to invading Army of ALEXANDER.

DOGRI & PAHARI are the main languages spoken. Hindi, English and Urdu are the main medium of education. Offcial language is Urdu.