HIRANAGAR is a Tehsil HQ. Raja Hira Singh is believed to have founded Hiranagar Town after his name when he was bestowed with the Jagir of Jasrota by Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab (1834-44 AD). He also renovated the Jasmergarh Fort situated between Tarnah and Bein Nallahs. The fort also housed Tehsil and Other Govt Offices till they were shifted to Hiranagar after 1947. The town has a fast Developing Industrial Estate and a Modern Industrial Training Institute.


Narsingh (The Narshima), the reincarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu in his unified form of Lion and Man has been artistically idolized in a temple at Ghagwal. This is an anicient temple built in 1600 years back. The DARSHNIK three Idols here are NARSINGH-AVTAAR, NARSINGH-ROOP and ANNPURANA which are located (together) at Narsingh Temple, Ghagwal in INDIA only. There is also JINDA SAMADHI of BAWA NAR-HARI DASS Ji Maharaj. Narsingh Temple Ghagwal is MAHA MANDLESHWAR GADDI which is known as SH AMARNATH JAMMU-KASHMIR NAGAR KHALSA. In every KUMBH MELA at NASIK, HARIDWAr, UJJAIN, PRAYAGRAJ (Illahabad), SH AMARNATH JAMMU KASHMIR NAGAR KHALSA is Installed, in which thousands of Sadhus and other public used to stay for more than one month. Ghagwal is located on Jammu-Pathankote National Highway, 35 Kms from kathua. Regular Bus service plies from Kathua, jammu, samba, udhampur, pathankote. A small Railway Station is also in the Ghagwal Town.

Narsingh Ji Temple is most popular and rare temple of its type with a huge water pond near it.The Idoal of “MAA ANNPURNA” is also there in her unified form. Daily more than 200 hundred people/Sadhus take Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner in the temple. It is an old belief that due to “MAA ANNPURN’s” Blessing, ANN shortage have never occurred there. Fairs are held on Janamasthmi and Makarsakranti & RathaKhara (December 26-27tth of every year). During the fairs, people from hilly areas organize sails of their woolen products including blankets and handicrafts etc. The Mehant of this Temple is “Mehant Sh Narsingh Dass Ji, MAHAMANDLESHWAR, J&K State”.


Shree Anand Asharam is situated in Suba Chak Near Hiranagar.Its setting is dramatic a riche in nature’s lap, with a vast land-scape on its North, hills on its south – east and old fort behind it. The Asharam is a lovely mistic place that seems to radiate-happiness. The Ashharam is situated at the foot of small hills with a vast land-Scape on its North, Hills on its South-East and Old Fort behind it. It still has an irresistible freshness and purity. Here the surroundings echo’s lets go back to nature. On a unrodden path amids an orchestra of birds helps to commune with nature. The religious aura of this lovely mystic place makes you feel at peace and seems to radiate happiness.

Founder of this Asharam is ” Swamy Dr Omanand Maharaj.