NIC Kathua

Ministry of Information Technology, Government Of India represents the pioneer, foremost and largest source of services in the area of Informatics, which is defined as the combination of Information Technology and Telecommunication. The spectrum of services provided by NIC encompasses various dimensions of the Information Technology Arena such as Consultancy, Software Development, Data Communication, Multimedia, Internet Service, E-Commerce, Networking, Office Automation etc. NIC’s network known as NICNET presently connects all the district to State capitals to Center through satellite ARAB-SAT. AT District level, NIC District Units provide effective informatics support to the Central Govt., State Govt. and district administration at the district.

NIC District Centre, Kathua

The NIC, District Centre, Kathua became operational in 1989. In 1996, NIC Office Kathua was shifted in present independent building. In order to exploit and explore the vast opportunities offered by Information Technology aimed at improving and accelerating the planning process and implementation of socio-economic programmes, it was necessary to create mass awareness among officials of District Administration and other departments in the District. To achieve the purpose and to do the ground work, a series of training and awareness programmes were conducted. The trend of computers usage in the District showed a tremendous increase and various areas of District Administration were brought under computerization. By now almost all major departments of State Govt as well as Central Govt of District Kathua are computerized.

Helping the District Administration

Ever since its inception, the NIC District Centre at Kathua has carried out various s/w development projects for District Administration. Some of the highlights of such achievement include :

  • Revenue Department

  • Deputy Commissioner’s Office

  • Planning Department

  • Social Welfare Department

  • Assistant Commissioner (Dev)’s Office

  • Employment Office

  • Education Office

  • Information Department

  • Custodian Department

  • District Statistical & Evaluation Office

  • Food & Supplies Office

  • Election Work

  • General Election 2014 Elections

  • Assembly elections

  • Panchayat Elections

  • Municipal Elections

  • NIC has facilitated the offices which do not have computer to use its own facilities at District Centre for sending and receiving E-mails.
    The excellent performance of NIC, Kathua Unit has gained wide appreciation from the District Administration.

    Sourabh Bhandari,
    District Informatics Officer
    NIC Kathua

    Ph. 01922 – 233205, 233681
    e-mail : kathua [at]
    website :